‘A moving object is neither where it is nor where it is not,’ implies Zeno in his famous paradox. …I am a writer. I am neither where I am nor where I am not.

The imprisoned Turkish writer, Ahmet Altan, The Writer’s Paradox



Who am I? When writing, I come closer to knowing what I think, what I want and who I am. The rest of the time, who knows?

On the outside I’m an ageing white man – male, pale and stale; inside, red-blooded, gender-fluid, raring to go

An unpublished writer, a story-teller seeking a listener

A soft southerner come to live amongst fiery Celts

A slow country boy wandering city streets

An extravert trapped inside an introvert

A girl in a man’s body

Angel chained to an ape

Queer in a straight-jacket

Right-brain outsider, left-brain conformist

IMG_1323_face0Leo born in the Year of the Rabbit

A sage debating with a fool

A hero with a sidekick wimp

A gigolo chatting up an old maid…




Hooray! Shortlisted AGAIN in the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction.

Highly Commended in 2012, Shortlisted in 2016 & 2017.

LISTEN TO and read Pheasant and other pieces on the Flash Fiction Page.


I write poetry, am working on a first novel  (working title, The Divine and Sexual History of April Golding and Timothy Finch) and a flash fiction novella.

Graduated 2017 with an MA in Creative Writing & Publishing, from West Dean College, West Sussex. 

Recently moved to Glasgow, having worked previously in Stourbridge, West Midlands.


Reading from my novel at West Dean Craft Fair, 2017. Note the lobster references to West Dean founder, Edward James, who collaborated with Salvador Dali.



Associate member SoAScotland





Responses to my poetry:

Hooray, hooray for Peter Howe of Transition Town Stourbridge for bringing us the Transition Town Rap! It’s fantastic!

Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Network


This is a beautiful and very dramatic poem. (On Lev, the Lion-Hearted Hare.)

Sally Polson, Senior Commissioning Editor, Floris Books


… deep, yet light, playful and at moments, profound.

Wanda Root, USA


Thank you very much for this wonderful poetry.

Michitaka Seki, Hirosaki, Japan


I just read and read – right to the end – loved them!

Melanie Taylor, Stourbridge


… some of them should go well with music, Scottish of course!  Are you going to stick your job?

Duncan Ross, Black Isle


…witty, profound, warm and moving; thought and discussion-provoking too!

Rev. Monika Knight, East Grinstead


Your poetry is magic!

Maria Mountain, Bewdley, Worcs


Your muse above shines below.




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