Untold Stories Two

Waterstones 5:7:18

Part of a reading for the launch of Untold Stories Two, the 2018 anthology of new writing from West Dean, 5th July 2018, at Waterstones, Brighton.

Other books on the table by tutors/novelists Martine McDonagh, Mick Jackson, Lesley Thomson and Elly Griffiths, and Fine Art graduate Deborah Ravetz.

L-R: Elizabeth Stafford-Smith, Beth Carr, Anne Ekin, Garry Brooking, Nicki Herring, Mark Peter Howe, Deborah Ravetz, Hilary Scudder.

Reading in Waterstones, Brighton


Will be reading latest flash fiction as part of this event to launch this year’s West Dean anthology.


Proud to be Long-listed in the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award 2018 with Agnes. LISTEN to a chapter of the story on the FLASH FICTION PAGE  More to follow.

And LISTEN to more poems on the POETRY PAGE – Faithful, You’re Never Alone With Testosterone, and A Lovely Thing.


29 March 2018

Proud to be Long-listed in the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award 2018 with Agnes

LISTEN to a chapter of the story on the FLASH FICTION PAGE  More to follow.

New audio poem

Listen to We Are Many, They Are Few, written after the Brexit vote, becoming more relevant by the day… See Poetry page.

It refers to Shelley’s poem, The Mask of Anarchy, written after a worse catastrophe, the massacre at Manchester, known as Peterloo.

shelley wwitch of atlas









Manuscript of a Shelley poem… not just me that doodles, then..

The Divine And Sexual History Of April Golding And Timothy Finch

Listen to the first chapter, Down The Rabbit Hole, of my novel…